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Sexy and handsome American boy

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Hideo Muraoka – Brazilian-Japanese Model

Hideo Muraoka – Brazilian-Japanese Model

Hideo Muraoka, born in 1987, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is a Brazilian-Japanese model.

A Brapanese (Brazilian-Japanese) model initially based in Thailand and now a superstar in the Philippines, where he’s a frequent cover boy for fashion several magazines such as “Meg Magazine, “Men’s Health, Metro Magazine, and Garage Magazine.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MANic Monday! 03-29-10 Kellan Lutz

Wow, two gross, rainy, cold Mondays in a row? Not fun. Time to brighten things up! New Moon came out on DVD/Blu Ray last week, so in honor of that, my hunk du jour is sexy vamp Kellan Lutz! Enjoy!Yeah, I don't really care about New Moon. No matter how hot the guys are, that's not enough to get me to sit through a terrible movie or TV show. Oh PS, check out that peek-a-boo tummy shot. YUM!
Blogger's being a pain in the ass and I can't load all the pics I wanted to... not that this isn't an ample dose of Lutzliciousness.
Mmmm, pecs. If you ARE interested in New Moon, if you buy it from Target, along with either Astro Boy or Band Slam, you get a free $5 Target gift card... but then you're stuck owning either Astro Boy or Band Slam. Sucka! Also, Band Slam, I kinda get seeing as it's aimed at teens, but Astro Boy?!
Possibly the best picture in the history of photography below:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chris Fountain

Christopher Ryan Fountain (born 3 September 1987 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England) is an English actor best known for his role as Justin Burton on the Channel 4 teen soap Hollyoaks, a role he played from 2003 until his departure in June 2009. He played the role of PC Paul Tait in BBC Drama Five Days and on 26 November it was announced that he would taking up the role of Tommy Duckworth in Coronation Street starting filming in the New Year and first appearing on screens in March 2011.

  Chris Fountain 94

  Chris Fountain 179
  Chris Fountain 152
  Chris Fountain 159

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Male Sight of UN Underwear Nation

Male Sight of  Underwear Nation

Male Sight of  Underwear Nation

Male Sight of  Underwear Nation

Male Sight of  Underwear Nation

Male Sight of  Underwear Nation

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HOT MALE MODEL 2011: Edílson Nascimento

Edílson Nascimento (Edílson Nascimento Azevedo) was born on 1 April 1986 in a modest family in northeastern Paraíba state, Brazil.He grew up in the state capital, João Pessoa. In a very young age he was interested in sports, especially martial arts. He learned judo and eventually earn a black belt as desirable. While judo competitions that Elian Gallardo, owner of Elian Gallardo model agency in the city of Recife (Pernambuco state capital), to detect talent edilson and see its potential as a model. Elian Edílson approached and invited him to sign a contract with the agency.
At age 16, Edilson begin the first steps as a model during Fashion Week, Paraíba, he won praise from the media. Since that time he was more focused for competition judo career, so he withdrew from the world of the model temporarily. However, destiny has chosen to title seoarng famous model. Its first appearance was in women's fashion show in Santa Contemporânea, Edílson launch fashion show wearing only a Speedo, and got the attention and applause of the women there. His career has grown by taking part in fashion shows and other events, and has modeled clothes for famous labels in her hometown.

Edilson participation in one competition in 2007 and was a little warm Shebaniah Stage modeling although its name did not win any title. Not long after that, Elian Gallardo Model has launched a new section on its website called "UVA" makes edilson enterprises as the first model to pose, pose a quite sensational.Edílson modeling world continues to be a sensation on the internet and finally found by professional photographers and modeling agencies in the United States, thus inviting edilson to New York in February 2008. Now edilson is among the world's hottest male models ... and also the top choice in clothing labels well known to be representing the label.